How To Make A Clay Ladybird

First get your clay colours: red, blue, black and white in my case.

Now make an oval with the red.

Now you will need the blue or you could just do this bit later.

Well I think I had quite a big bit of white there! Now with the white make a sort of rounded heart shape. Then make a flat oval of black and leave a bit of black left.

And add it to the oval of red.

Then put on the white bit.

And the blue circles you made. Or just make them now if you didn’t.

Make two tiny black circles with some of the remaining black, for the eyes.

Now make some very small black circles but bigger than the ones for the eyes.

And then make a very thin small, black snake with the remaining black.

Add it on as well as the little black circles you have made.

AND bum bum BUM you’re one hundred percent DONE ✅.

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